Wire EDM machine CHARMILLES CUT 30-P

Wire EDM machine CHARMILLES CUT 30-P. Ask us for more information.

Additional information


X: 600 mm
Y: 400 mm
Z: 350 mm
U: ±50 mm
V: ±50 mm

Permissible thread diameters

0,15 a 0,30 mm

Maximum piece dimensions

1.050 x 800 x 350 mm

Maximum table load

1.000 kg

Controlled axes

5 axes with AC motors

Maximum cutting inclination

+/-25º/80 mm

Automatic threader and re-threader


Optical linear rulers in X, Y axes


Encoders U, V, Z


Centralized lubrication


Machine weight

5.000 kg

Installation dimensions

3.100 x 2.800 x 2.325 mm

Water tank capacity

970 lts.