Kair TBRA 650 grinding machine

Kair TBRA 650 grinding machine. Ask us for more information

Additional information

Table length

740 mm

Table width

650 mm

Anchura máx. rectificable

275 kg

Max. height between the table and the grinding wheel spindle

450 mm

Wheel diameter

250 mm

Wheel width

40 mm

Wheel speed

23 m/s

Grinding wheel revolutions

1750 rpm

Table travel speed

0 a 15 mm/min

Intermittent table traverse feed

3 a 20

Continuous traversing table feed

3 a 20 mm

Flow rate pump hydraulic group

20 l/min

Vertical creep

0,005 mm

Vertical rapid traverse (with motor)

300 mm/min

Grinding motor power

2,28 kW

Hydraulic tank capacity

40 L

Machine height

1800 mm


2200 kg