DANOBAT TM750 lathe

The DANOBAT TM750 lathe is designed for thick, interrupted cuts, high long-term accuracy and high-quality surface finishes. (Sold)

Additional information


FANUC 310 i

Maximum permissible diameter on longitudinal guides

750 mm

Maximum permissible diameter on transverse guides

630 mm

Maximum permissible diameter with upper turret

630 mm

Maximum permissible diameter with lower turret

400 mm

Travel on z axis

1270 mm

Travel on x axis

630 mm

Positioning accuracy X

± 0,005

Positioning accuracy Z

± 0,010

Maximum distance between main axle nose to second axle nose

1600 mm

Main shaft nose type


Maximum speed of the main shaft

4200 rpm

SHW autoblock head plate diameter

ø 400 mm

Milling spindle speed

8000 rpm

Number of power tools


Second shaft bore diameter

91 mm

Sub-spindle chuck diameter

ø 315 mm

Main spindle power

25 kW

Diameter of the plate

315 mm

Sub-spindle power

18/23 kW

Motor torque

100/128 Nm

Type of motor


Number of tools


Taper type

BT 40