ANAYAK VH-2300 Plus machining center

ANAYAK VH-2300 Plus machining center. Ask us for more information.

Additional information

X axis

3000 mm

Y axis

1200 mm

Z axis

1050 mm

Table surface

3200 x 1100 mm

Maximum table weight

8000 kg

Distance between slots

150 mm

Angular positioning

Automatic A and B axes

Twist lock


Motor power

22/30 kW

Continuously variable speed


Spindle positioning B, C axis

2.5º and 1º axis

Almacén de herramientas

20 tools

Work progress

10000 mm/min

Fast forward

X-Y= 20000 mm/min

Mandrel taper

ISO 50

Total power

50 kva

Year of manufacture